Best Names for Female Cats: These are 10 of the most popular names for adorable female cats

Here are the 10 most popular female names for adorable, cuddly female cats in 2022.

They are fond of a snooze, a head boop and adored by many households across the world – cats are an animal that continue to be adored across the globe.

Pet ownership has soared over the past couple of years, with admitting once they have were in the company of these adorable creatures, it was virtually impossible not be obsessed!

It is reported that the average cat owner actually own a minimum of two cats – though we are sure you may know some with many more.

Photo: Getty Images/Canva Pro

1. Luna

The most popular name for a girl cat in 2022 is Luna, which translates as ‘moon’ in Italian.

Photo: Getty Images/Canva Pro

2. Loki

Loki is a unisex name that origin came from Norway – loosely translating as ‘The God of Mischief’. Uh oh.

Photo: Getty Images/Canva Pro

3. Nala

The name Nala has Arabic and African origin. However, the African translation is perhaps best used for kitty’s, meaning queen, lion or successful woman.

Photo: Getty Images/Canva Pro

4. Coco

Coco is a popular name that has developed in America.


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